B.A in College of Arts at


Sang-Myung University


B.A & M.A in Formative Arts


(Arts Plastique) at University of Paris VIII




Solo Exhibition


The 1st Exhibition Moin Gallery, Seoul


The 2nd Exhibition Indeco Gallery, Seoul


The 3rd Exhibition Beijing international Yiyuan Art Gallery. China


The 4th Exhibition Choi Gallery, Seoul


The 5th Exhibition Hyundai Art gallery, Seoul


The 6st Exhibition Gunsan Culture Center, Gunsan


The 7nd Exhibition Swan gallery in Soho Newyork


The 8rd Exhibition The 20th Anniversary of Art world at Insa art plaza, Seoul


The 9th Exhibition Korea Environment Art Expo at Coex, Seoul


The 10th Exhibition MANIF Seoul international Art fair at Seoul art Center, Korea


The 11st Exhibition Commemmorative Exhibition of year of korea at Neuenen, Germany


The 12nd Exhibition MANIF Seoul international Art fair at Seoul art Center, Korea


The 13rd Exhibition Dongho Gallery, Seoul


The 14th Exhibition Gallery Cerestar, Seoul


The 15th Exhibition Espace macadam Canvas in Montreuil, France


The 16th Exhibition Remian Gallery


The 17th Yihyung Art Center


The 18th Gallery Cerestar, Seoul


The 19th Donggang SI STAR- Gallery Cerestar, Seoul


The 20th 2011 Anniversary of Year of Artist at Yihyung Art Center


The 21th BukKyoung DONGMYUNGMANHAArt Center in Baijing China


The 22th Yihyung Art Center


The 23th Exhibition Dongho Gallery, Seoul


The 24th Exhibition Espace macadam Canvas in Montreuil, France


Young Artists Exhibition (Au Fiap Jean Monnet, Paris)


Graz the Telefax Communication Event (Austria)


The 9th International Des Gravure (Berlin, Germany)


Participated in Korea Galleries Art Fair& Seoul Open Art Fair (SOAF),


Korea International Art Fair, Sydney Art Fair


Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition


(Invited by Mayor of TaeAn and Beijing, China)


Korea-US International Exchange Exhibition (in Washington)


Korea-Germany International Exchange Exhibition


(Invited by the mayor of Nürnberge, to commemorate


the Year of Korea in 2005) etc. (Approximately 200 times)






Invitation Exhibit in Tae-An, China - Fine Art Award


Peaceful Unification Art Association in Republic of Korea


Minister of Environment Award


Commemorate Exhibition for the 15th Anniversary of Korea-China


Diplomatic Relations in 2007 - International Art Award


Beijing Olympic International Art Fair in 2008, Gold Medal


Exhibited in...


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea


Seoul Museum of Art,


Sang-Myung University Museum,


Dong-Gang Ci Star, etc.


Participated as a committee member in the Republic of Korea Grand


Art Exhibition, Peaceful Unification Art Exhibition


Environment Art Exhibition, etc.


Former vice-chairman of the board in Korea Art


International Exhibition Association


Current adjunct professor in Sang-Myung University, Inspector of Seoul Fine Art Association