1956 Seoul birth


1984. - 1974 Hongik Graduate graduating from Occidental Painting, major Western paining Hongik University graduate



1991 - 2014 31 individual galleries (Ami, art galleries, art gallery, Arts Art, the Seoul Arts Center Besides the Hangaram Art Museum)


2010 - 2013 kiaf the Korea International Art Fair (Coex)


2014 - 2012 Gallery Art Festival - (Coex) Seoul Open Art Fair, soaf (Coex),


Asia Hotel Tower Gallery Art Fair (The Western chosun hotel.), Asian Art Fair (Coex)


2011 - 2009 MANIF Seoul, Korea International Art Fair (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center)


2014 - 2006 The Great the conception Korean festival.(Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center)


2012 - 2011 (Fort mason center) art fair, San Francisco, Miami Art Fair (Miami),


Louvre Art Fair (Louvre Museum)


2010 - 2014 (Bexco) Art Show, Pusan, Pusan International Art Fair, (Bexco) (Center for dj) art fair, Gwangju, Korea Art fair Art Fair (Exco), the race, Daegu, Korea Submitted, which are inviting other exhibition for many,




A prize


A special (The National Museum of Contemporary Art) Great Exhibition of art.


MANIF Korea Initiative Daejejeon virtual (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center) objet de vertu




the present


members of a Korean, miyeop sanghyeongjeon