1967 Hongik University Bachelor of Fine Arts


1985 Hongik University Master of Art Education




40 times of solo exhibitions



1967-1969 Performed three happenings – Including the historical first happening in Korea


"Nude and the crystal balloon"


1988-1992 Published ‘Travel journals with sketches of 40 countries’


Onn Hankook Ilbo news paper


1992-1995 Published illustrations on Sports Chosun newspaper


2003 Performance of ‘Requiem 1919’


2003 Performance of ‘Big Brother Syndrome’


2007 Performance of ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’


2008 Gallery Marziart in Hamburg, Germany invitation exhibition


2005- 2013 KIAF invitation exhibitions






1998 The flamelike fantastic world


1990 Dream, fantasy and challenge


1998 The world is beautiful when you are crazy for your work


2007 Jung Kang ja art book


2010 Vincent ban Gogh / Paul Gauguin


2011 Jung Kangja art book


2012 Jung Kangja art book