Choe Jeong Hyeok


BFA in Painting. SangMyung University. Seoul. Korea

Postgraduate for Master of Fine Art in SangMyung University. Seoul. Korea


Solo Exhibition

2016 Natural-Topia, tongin gallelry

Natural-Topia (Strolling in the Space of Imaginary Play),gimcheonArt center

2015 Natural-Topia. (gallelry41)

2013 Natural-Topia. tongin gallelry. Seoul

2012 Natural-Topia. konjiam resort. art gallelry darr

2010 Natural-Topia. gallelry bhak


Solo Exhibition Art Fair

2012 Kcaf .Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

2011 Kcaf .Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

2010 Kcaf .Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

2008 MANIF13.Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

Golden eyes art fair. indian Hall coex in seoul, Korea

korea concrete Grand Art Exhibition. Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

2007 MANIF13.Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

Artstar100. indian Hall coex in seoul, Korea

Art seoul. Hangaram gallelry. Seoul

2006 "Art seoul", Hangaram gallery. Seoul




2006 Dan-Won grand art exhibition, MANIF Prize . Dan-Won gallery. An-San

2004 Special prize at UN World peace art exhibition. Dan-Won gallery. An-San

2003 First prize at UN World peace art exhibition. SeJong gallery.Seoul)

Dan-Won grand art exhibition. Dan-Won gallery. An-San


Group Exhibition


2019 u.h.m 2Exhibition (u.h.m Gallery)

2019 Contemporary art show hong kong 2019

2019 Korean Galleries Art Fair, hall c, coex, seoul

2018 BiKi Galleryan opening4Exhibition, GalleryBiKi

2018 JungGuChan 3Exhibition, JungGuChan Gallery

2018 Daegu Art Fair 2018, EXCO

2018 art:Gwangju, KimDaejung Convention Center

2018 DaejeonArt Fair, Daejeon Convention Center

2018 2Exhibition, Hoon Gallery

2018 U.H.M. 2Exhibition, U.H.M Gallery

2017 Seoul Art Show 2017

2017 Objet in Space, MAKE Gallery

2017 ART The Gallery Show, Hoon Gallery

2017 U.H.M. 2Exhibition, U.H.M Gallery

2017 Korean Galleries Art Fair,Seoul Coex

2016 KIAF/art seoul 2016, coex in seoul, Korea

2016 Art busan 2016, Busan Bexco

2016 The 4 th Art Gyeongju 2016, Hwabaek International Convention Center 3F

2016 Korean Galleries Art Fair, hall c, coex, seoul

2015 Daegu art fair2015, EXCO

2015 KIAF/art seoul 2015, Seoul COEX

2014 flavor, spileplatz hahn

2014 Seoul Open Art Fair (coex, seoul1, Hall B)

2014 Lee Eun · Choe Jeong Hyeok (Lee&Park Gallery)

2014 Affordable art fair Hong Kong 2014

2014 fiction .nonfiction (Jung Gu Chan Gallery)

2013 Bu San International Art Fair (Bu San Bexco)

2013 Affordable Art Fair in Singapore(F1 Pit Building Level 2-3 / Booth no. 2Y-06)

2013 AsiaHotel Art Fair 2013(CONRAD HOTEL in Yeouido)

2013 Daegu Art Fair2013 (Daegu Exco Korea. exco1)

2013 art:Gwangju:13 (KDJ Convention Center Hall 1)

2012 Fragrance of Autumn.(2 Exhibition).artgallery chungdahm

2012 ‘Click to brush!’. DGBgallery

2012 real emotion. Lee&park gallery

2012 TASTY LAND. Yangpyeong art Museum

2011 ART TaIPEI 2011

2011 the seoul art Exhibition 2011

2011 korea Golleries art fair, coex seoul

2011 opening exhibition. open Art Center

2010 14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2010

2010 Busan Biennale Now! Asian artists (Pusan Culture Center)

2010 ART TaIPEI 2010

2010 KIAF/10 (coex, seoul)

2010 The More, the bettre

2010 A DELICIOUS PICTURE (Lotte Gallery.anyang)

2010 Korean Art Show (NY, US)

2010 Sun Grllery 33rd anniversary ExHibition (sun Gallery)

2009 KIAF/09 (Coex)

2009 9-emotipn (Dong Won Gallery)

2009 korean Hyperrealism scene (seongnam art center)

2009 peace dream art festival (Cas, Fundacion Tres Culturas, Spain)

2009 Seoul Open Art Fair (indian Hall coex in seoul, Korea)

2009 Digital Realism New (Artgate gallery,Newyork,America)

2009 Digital Realism New (INSa Art Center)

2008 Realism & Abstractivism . Cy Art Gallery

2008 Figures of Young Generation (Gallery La)

2008 Exhibition of Korean-American Realism. (Artgate gallery,Newyork,America)

2008 opening exhibition. open Art Center

2008 ‘cReality in Contemporary Art. Cy Art Gallery

2007 Korean Reality & spirit . Cy Art Gallery

2007 Fruits Exhibition. Insa Art Center 3pair

2006 Contribution to Sangmyung university Museum Art Works Special Exhibition) 2006 Invitation 100painters for Beauty of Korea. NamSong gallery. seoul)

2006 Korea Art Criticism Selected Artists Exhibition (Dan-Won gallery. An-San

2005 'B101-1' group Exhibition. space Ham. seoul

2005 Degree show. Sang-Myung University. seoul

2004 Invitation 2painters for Coex mall plus Art festival. seoul