1986 Completed the master’s course at the Graduate School of Culture Univ.(Fine Arts), Taiwan.

1977 Graduated from Dept. of Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik Univ.


Solo Exhibitions

2014.12. 8- 2015.1.11 Museum of Korea University (Seoul)

2013.6. 2 – 6. 30 Gallery WE (Seoul, Korea))

2012.11. 2 – 11. 30 Gallery Hee (YangSan, Korea)

2011.12. 14 – 12. 27 Gong Art Space (Seoul, Korea)

2010.2. 11 – 2. 27 KIPS Gallery (Chelsea, New York, U. S. A.)

2008.11. 5- 11. 19 Phillip Kang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2008.4. 30 – 5. 13 DongSanBang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2006.10. 25 – 11. 6 Tongin Auction Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2006.3.16 – 4. 15 KenJi Taki Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2005.11. 2 – 11. 11 DongSanBang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2003.11. 19 – 11. 28 DongSanBang Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2002.7. 22 – 8. 24 KenJi Taki Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2000.1. 21 – 2. 23 KenJi Taki Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

1999.2. 4 – 3. 6 KenJi Taki Gallery (Nagoya, Japan)

1996.6. 5- 6. 14 Yuna Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

1993.11. 19 – 12. 4 Kukje Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

1990.4. 4 – 4. 10 Kumho Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)


Group Exhibitions

2014 KiunDream Exhibition (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju)

2014 Hwayangyunhwa Exhibition (GalleryLotte, Daejun)

2012 Bongsan Art Fair (Soheon Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

2012 The 5th AnGyeon Memorial Painting Exhibition(Sejong Culture Center, Seoul, Korea)

2011 Autumn with Memory (Gallery Seorim, Seoul, Korea)

2011 Nine Scene Exhibition (Beijing, China)

2011 Summer Patronizing Exhibition (GongArtSpace, Seoul, Korea)

2010 Korea International Art Fair 2010 (COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2010 Gangjin Celadon Art Project 2010 (Cheongja Museum, Gangjin, Korea)

2012 Power of Gyeonggi Province(Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea)

2009 The 3rd Insa Art Festival (GanaInsa Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009 PINK CITY (EveJari Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2008 Malaysia International Art EXPO (Malaysia)

2008 Art Singapore Asian Art Fair (Singapore)

2007 Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2007 55 Selected Comtemporary Artists (Gold Inside, Seoul, Korea)

2006 Breathing of the Korean Fine Art (Korea Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2006 Oriental Metaphor (LOOP, Seoul, Korea)

2005 Space Tumsae Collection Exhibition (Space Tumsae, Seoul, Korea)

2005 Sehwa Travelog (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

2004 South Han River People’s Talks about Painting (Yangpyong Clean Water Love Gallery, Yangpyong, Korea)

2004 The 15th Anniversary Special Exhibition (Kumho Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2003 South Han River People’s Talks about Painting (Yangpyong Clean Water Love Gallery, Yangpyong, Korea)

2003 Value and Meaning of Diversity (Gongpyong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2002 Beauty and Enlightenment (Seoul Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2002 South Han River People’s Talks about Painting (Yangpyong Clean Water Love Gallery, Yangpyong, Korea)

2001 South Han River People’s Talks about Painting (Yangpyong Clean Water Love Gallery, Yangpyong, Korea)

2001 Korean Fine Art, Aesthetics of Still and Dynamic (Gallery Lamer, Seoul, Korea)

2000 KIM Jeomsun & KIM Keunjoong Exhibition (Paco Gallery, Busan, Korea)

2000 The 2nd Multi-therapy Exhibition (Gongpyong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

1999 Yangpyong Artists Association Exhibition (New Millenium & Art)

(Yangpyong Clean Water Love Gallery, Yangpyong, Korea)

1999 The 1st Multi-therapy Exhibition (Yugyong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1998 Cross Point (Yemaek Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1998 Seoul Art Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1997 Exhibition of Our Tradition, Our Point of View (SungKok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)

1997 Oriental Painters’ Exhibition (Cheong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1996 In Search for the Breathing of a Lost Empire (Dong-Ah Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1996 Letters and Images (Hallim Museum, Seoul)

1995 Korean Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition (9 nations including Hungary)

1995 Nature of Korea: Hidden Secret, Expressed Meditation (Park Yeo Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1994 40 Years of the Contemporary Art (Hoam Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1994 Exhibition commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Eastern Learning Member Farmers’ Uprising (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

1993 Vision of the Korean Art in 2000s (Dongsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1993 Message of Spring – New World of the Korean Painting (Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1992 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of the Korean Painting (Hankuk Museum of Art, Busan, Korea)

1992 9 Print Artists’ Exhibition (Hyundai Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1991 Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition (Hoam Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1991 Hwarang Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

1990 Exploration of the Korean Painting (Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)

1990 Young Perspective – Suggestion for Tomorrow (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

1989 Seoul Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1989 Korea-China Ink Painting Exhibition (Museum of History, Taipei)

1988 Plastic Art Exhibition (Dongdeok Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1988 Korea-China Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition (Art Hall, Seoul, Korea)

1987 Exploration of the Korean Painting (Daejon Museum of Art, Daejon, Korea)

1987 Korean New-Generation Ink Painters’ Exhibition (Ungsa Gallery, Taipei)

 Awards & Prizes

1993 Total Art Prize (The 3rd Total Art Exhibition, Jangheung Total Museum of Art)

1990 Dongah Art Prize (’90 Dongah Art Festival, Gwacheon Hyundai Museum of Art)



New York Metropolitan Museum, National Contemporary Art Museum of Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Sunje Museum of Contemporary Art

Gwangju Museum of Art, Hoam Gallery

Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumho Art Museum

Yangpyong Museum of Art, SK Ulji-ro Head Office Building

SK Telecom Bundang Branch Building, Samsung Maebong Building

Yeouido Ssangyong Securities Head Office Building

Korea Broadcasting Company Building, Songdo Centroad Office Building

Mokdong Southside District Court and Prosecution Service Building


Present : Professor of College of Art Paintings Sculpture, GaChon Univ.